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This page explains how you can be notified when a record you have created is modified. Before you can do any of this you must first create an account.

[editovat] Watching a Page

The first thing you must do to recieve notification is to watch the page. You can do this either by checking the watch this page box when editing a page or by clicking the watch button in the top right hand corner of a page. To unwatch unclick the box or click unwatch, which will have replace the watch button.

[editovat] Your Watchlist

At the top right hand corner of a page there should be a link which says watchlist. Clicking on this will tell you if any of your watched pages have been modified.

[editovat] Email notifications

You can also recieve notification of edits by e-mail. To set this up click on the preferences button at the top right hand corner of the page. This should bring up a form. First you must enter your e-mail in the e-mail box, if you have not supplied one already. Then, scroll down and you should see a series of check boxes. First, you need to confirm your e-mail adress by clicking on the link in blue. Once you have replied to this e-mail, you can change your e-mail notification preferences by ticking/unticking the boxes.

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